BDV030-QW – Battery Booster/Car starter 3Ah 12v Black + Decker




  • Bright, long-lasting LED light, ideal for card reader – Compact design
  • Plug and wire compartment for clean storage
  • – AC household and DC adapter so that you can charge from home or vehicles
  • Fits in most glove compartments
  • Battery level indicator to ensure for full charge
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The black & decker V030 is a easy to set up, 3Ah battery booster, giving low vehicle batteries the boost you need to get started in minutes.
A fixed system connector to connect the booster from inside your vehicle without having to for jump leads – plug to the car cigarette lighter/12 Volt socket, press the button, to increase the battery and you’re ready to go.
The compact design of the black & decker V030 means that it can be in the vehicle at any time of the day to achieve the – -it will be packed securely by our professional team in most glove box set. The V030 also has a useful 12 volts DC socket for other equipment, which is ideal for charging mobile phones, cameras, MP3 players and all other 12 Volt electronics. The device can be charged in the comfort of your own home with the supplied power supply is required.
There are two ultra bright and durable LED lights, perfect for card reader or, if you are in expectation of the recovery, provide a good light source.
A battery indicator is the black & decker V030 to help you, to ensure that your device will fully charge, built-in.
The V030 is suitable for petrol engines up to 2 litres.


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