9PCS HAND TOOLS SET- 85301 Tolsen

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¥ 1pc 3M/10ftx16mm measuring tape

¥ 1pc PH1x100mm phillips screwdriver

¥ 1pc SL5.5x100mm slotted screwdriver

¥ 1pc 200mm/8? adjustable wrench

¥ 1pc 160mm/6? diagonal cutting pliers

¥ 1pc 180mm/7? combination pliers

¥ 1pc snap-off blade knife

¥ 1pc 3x140mm voltage tester

¥ 1pc 19mmx10yards pvc insulating tape

¥ Packing: canvas bag

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Tolsen Hand Tools Set Tolsen 85301 is a brand that manufactures and sells a wide range of hand tools, power tools, and tool sets. A typical Tolsen Tools Set may include various hand tools, such as:

  1. Screwdrivers: Different types and sizes of screwdrivers for various applications.
  2. Pliers: Common types of pliers, such as needle-nose pliers, diagonal cutting pliers, and slip-joint pliers.
  3. Wrenches: A set of combination wrenches or adjustable wrenches.
  4. Sockets and Ratchets: Socket wrenches and various socket sizes.
  5. Hex Keys: Allen wrenches or hex key set.
  6. Measuring Tools: A tape measure or a combination square for measuring.
  7. Hammer: A basic hammer for general-purpose tasks.
  8. Utility Knife: A retractable utility knife for cutting materials.
  9. Tape Measure: A measuring tape for various measurement needs.
  10. Toolbox or Storage Case: A carrying case or toolbox to store and transport the tools.