Earthing Brass Clamp 1″

Clamps made of Brass material, suitable for use in earthing systems, specially made to fit round copper earthing rods and wire cable according to industrial standards.

Material: Brass
Size: 1”
Function: Connecting copper earthing rod to ground cable

These brass clamps are purpose-built for earthing systems, meticulously designed to precisely fit round copper earthing rods and securely connect them to ground cables. They are manufactured in accordance with industry standards, ensuring reliable and efficient grounding. These clamps are of 1″ size and are specifically engineered to facilitate the essential connection between copper earthing rods and ground cables, a critical component in maintaining safety and functionality in various applications, particularly within electrical and industrial settings. The choice of brass as the material ensures durability and corrosion resistance, making these clamps a dependable solution for your earthing needs.