GL360 – Grass Trimmer 350w 2Handed Bump Feed 25cm Black & Decker





Black & Decker GL360 String Grass Trimmer Strimmer 25cm Bump Feed 350W – Red
  • Efficient and fast cutting on fine grass thanks to direct transmission.
  • Second fixed handle for maximum ease of use.
  • Wire feeding by hitting on the ground.
  • Very lightweight, 1.6 kg.
  • Plug holder for better cable management.
  • Item is detachable.

A Strimmer (string trimmer), also called a “weed-whip”, “whipper-snipper”, “weed-whacker”, a “weed eater”, a “line trimmer”, is a tool which uses a flexible monofilament line instead of a blade for cutting grass and other plants near objects, or on steep or irregular terrain. The Black & Decker GL360 Strimmer is a relatively compact, single-handed, 350W strimmer that can be used for trimming excess grass growing against a wall, fence, flowerbed or pathway and gives the borders of your lawn a neat and tidy finish. Its high line speed and compact lightweight design make the GL360 ideal for the efficient trimming of small to medium sized gardens.



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